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Last updated 29/10/2017

Our programme

We meet every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm - please see our current programme (below) for dates and locations. Please also note the following:

  • We welcome new members, but currently our numbers are high, and we need to consider health and safety and make sure we bring enough tools etc. So If you are new to the group, please call Alison Hounslow on 07528 376399 before attending to get more information, or e-mail

  • Check online just before the session in case of last minute changes.

  • Wear old clothing suitable for the task and the weather, including sturdy shoes or boots, not trainers or sandals!

  • Make sure that your tetanus inoculation is up to date.

  • Bring any medication that you may need.

  • Let us know if you are willing to car share.

  • Most sites are near public transport. For details of Southern Vectis services, go to

  • Sites with toilets are marked WC.


10am - 1pm

Session No.

Location - getting there and parking

Details of task - on a cycle path

OS Grid ref.

1 November 2017 709 Play Lane Milllennium Green, Play Lane, Playstreet Lane, Haylands, Ryde. Parking: see right.

Link to Streetmap.

The last visit of the year and among jobs we'll be cutting the meadow. PLEASE PARK IN HILLSIDE AVENUE and walk through Binstead Woods; or WELLINGTON ROAD and walk down Play Lane to the Green. Buses 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 37. SZ578,913
8 November 710 One Horse Field, Totland Meadows, Hurst Point View, Fort Warden, Totland.

Link to Streetmap.

Almost a year since we visited, and yes there will be a bit of raking involved today. Largely the area with the suckering blackthorn. Buses 7 or 12. SZ324,873
15 November 711 Bouldnor Forest, Bouldnor. Turning off the 'Yarmouth Road' (A3054), Yarmouth.

Link to Streetmap.

Beautiful views if the weather is kind, while we clear gorse from this heathland restoration project. Bus 7. WC. SZ380,902
22 November 712 Merstone Station, Merstone Lane, Merstone.

Link to Streetmap.

In February 2007 we planted and scattered wildflower seed across this site. It's been looking good again, now is the time to clear the growth away. Bus 2. SZ526,845
29 November 713 Bouldnor Forest, Bouldnor. Turning off the 'Yarmouth Road' (A3054), Yarmouth.

Link to Streetmap.

More of the gorse clearance likely today, also likely the accompanying bonfire to clear the material from the area. Bus 7. WC. SZ380,902
6 December 714 Munsley Bog, May Close, Godshill. Please park on the Main Road or in the Dubbers, only very few in May Close.

Link to Streetmap.

Now in December our thoughts are of Christmas and our now familiar GG traditions. After the session clearing in the bog today, we'll be trying a new venue for the Christmas lunch, the Dairyman's Daughter. Buses 2, 3. WC. SZ525,823
13 December 715 Shide Quarry, Burnt House Lane, Shide, Newport. Please park along Burnt House Lane towards St George's Lane.

Link to Streetmap.

Our last Green Gym of 2017 - join us today for some scrub bashing to round off the year in this little chalk wildlife haven, and we'll have the usual picnic too!

Well done everyone, such a lot achieved again over the year - hope you've enjoyed it. Happy Christmas!