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Last updated 30/08/2017

Our programme

We meet every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm - please see our current programme (below) for dates and locations. Please also note the following:

  • We welcome new members, but currently our numbers are high, and we need to consider health and safety and make sure we bring enough tools etc. So If you are new to the group, please call Alison Hounslow on 07528 376399 before attending to get more information, or e-mail

  • Check online just before the session in case of last minute changes.

  • Wear old clothing suitable for the task and the weather, including sturdy shoes or boots, not trainers or sandals!

  • Make sure that your tetanus inoculation is up to date.

  • Bring any medication that you may need.

  • Let us know if you are willing to car share.

  • Most sites are near public transport. For details of Southern Vectis services, go to

  • Sites with toilets are marked WC.


10am - 1pm

Session No.

Location - getting there and parking

Details of task - on a cycle path

OS Grid ref.

6 September 2017 701 Wetland Walk, Longwood Bridge, Longwood Lane, between Adgestone and Lake.

Link to Streetmap.

It is nice to return to this site, one we've been working on since 2004. It is time to remove the season's growth from the Orchard meadow. Bus 2, 3 or 8. SZ458,850
13 September 702 Dodnor Creek LNR, path off cycle track by bridge. Parking: bottom of Stag Lane, or Dodnor Lane.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

We have worked here before, indeed Dickson's Copse (part of the Local Nature Reserve) was Mark's first ever Green Gym back in 2003. We return this time after quite a break to this area to start a project to improve the path from the cycle track to the River Medina. Bus 1. SZ503,915
20 September 703 Cockleton Meadow (old Gurnard Primary School). Parking: in Hilton Road, and access via Cockleton Lane, Gurnard.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

There will be various jobs lined up for us to suit all tastes, but one new to us is to help with the laying of 'Ground Grab Tiles'! We are now in autumn guys and so you know what that means - that's right, get those rakes ready as it's the start of the raking season. Bus 32. SZ478,949
27 September 704 Fort Victoria Country Park, Westhill Lane, Norton, Yarmouth.

Link to Streetmap.

We recently hit 700 sessions. Where was our first ever session? Yes it was at Fort Victoria in September 2003! On this occasion we'll be in the woodland area helping with some seat and path construction. Bus 7 or 21. WC. SZ338,897
4 October 705 Flowers Brook, Steephill Road, Ventnor.

Link to Streetmap.

It has been a year since our last exploits here - get those crampons on Bob! Seriously though, the site is looking good, the local group is keen for our help. Bus 3 or 8. SZ553,770
11 October 706 Dodnor Creek LNR, path off cycle track by bridge. Parking: bottom of Stag Lane, or Dodnor Lane.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

We'll continue this week with the scrub removal and dead hedge making along the Local Nature Reserve's boundary. Bus 1. SZ503,915
18 October 707


Naturezones, Birchmore Lane, Blackwater, Newport.

Link to Streetmap.

Today we will have various tasks including some coppicing at this small nature reserve. Bus 2 or 3. WC. SZ510,857
25 October 708 Pan Mill Meadows, Connie's Way, Newport - between Shide Path and Matalan. Parking in Matalan car park - please give them your registration number.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

Since we worked here last, a lot has been done to transform the site, or at least part of it. We'll be working on the meadow section as before, and will be raking off the cut sward to remove unwanted nutrients. All Newport buses. SZ502,887