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Last updated 20/02/2018

Our programme

We meet every Wednesday from 10am to 1pm - please see our current programme (below) for dates and locations. Please also note the following:

  • We welcome new members, but currently our numbers are high, and we need to consider health and safety and make sure we bring enough tools etc. So If you are new to the group, please call Alison Hounslow on 07528 376399 before attending to get more information, or e-mail

  • Check online just before the session in case of last minute changes.

  • Wear old clothing suitable for the task and the weather, including thorn proof gloves, and sturdy shoes or boots, not trainers or sandals!

  • We usually have a tea break - please bring a mug!

  • Make sure that your tetanus inoculation is up to date.

  • Bring any medication that you may need.

  • Let us know if you are willing to car share.

  • Most sites are near public transport. For details of Southern Vectis services, go to

  • Sites with toilets are marked WC.


10am - 1pm

Session No.

Location - getting there and parking

Details of task - on a cycle path

OS Grid ref.

15 August  2018 747 Brading Down LNR, Brading Down Road, Brading.

Link to Streetmap.

Brading Down LNR (Local Nature Reserve), site of our seventh Green Gym back in 2003 and we've been working to help control Common Ragwort on this splendid site. Advise the wearing of long sleeves. Bus 2 or 3 and a walk from Brading. SZ596,869
22 August 748 Play Lane Millennium Green, Play Lane, Playstreet Lane, Haylands, Ryde. PLEASE PARK IN HILLRISE AVENUE and walk through Binstead Woods, or WELLINGTON ROAD and walk down Play Lane to the Green.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

A  summer session at the Green. Bus 37. SZ578,913
29 August 749 Bouldnor Forest, Bouldnor. Turning off 'the Yarmouth Road' (A3054), Yarmouth.

Link to Streetmap.

Heading north west this week to this fabulous area of heathland restoration. We have some unfortunate regenerating Holm Oak and Corsican Pine to tackle. Bus 7. WC. SZ380,902
5 September 750 Morton Marsh end of Sandown Meadows; access via Copse End, Mortonbrook, Perowne Way, Sandown.

Link to Streetmap for access.

One of the newest nature reserves on the Island is this  marshland in Sandown; today we're back assisting with its management. Buses 2, 3 or 8.  SZ59846,85312
12 September 751 Dodnor Creek LNR, Dickson's Copse, Newport. Access off cycle track at the bottom of Stag Lane.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

This week and next we complete a task we started last September! Yes it's the path to Dodnor Creek which is in need of taming. Plus the completion of the access works in Dickson's Copse. Bus 1. SZ503,914
19 September 752 Dodnor Creek LNR, Dickson's Copse, Newport. Access off cycle track at the bottom of Stag Lane.

Link to Streetmap for worksite.

As above. We left ourselves some crushed limestone back in July in all of the intense heat. It'll still be there, but hopefully conditions will be better.Bus 1. SZ503,914
26 September 753 Cockleton Meadow (old Gurnard Primary School); parking in Hilton Lane, and access via Cockleton Lane, Gurnard.

Link to Streetmap.

This is our 15th Year anniversary!!

A lovely long list awaits us, but what a great site and one we've assisted with so many times. Meadow raking, bench building, pond clearance, willow dome, a bonfire, bramble clearance, pegging ... and cake eating! Bus 32.

3 October 754 Flowers Brook, Steephill Road, Ventnor.

Link to Streetmap.

There will be some clearance of this year's growth along the length of this cascade and brook; it has looked a treat all summer long. Bus 3 or 6. SZ553,770